August 2015

SignalemenIMG_4901 (2)t: 8 week old domestic short hair feline

Presenting Complaint: Presents for evisceration.

Treatment: Emergency abdominal surgery was performed.  A ventral mid-line incision was made and the viscera was examined for lacerations or bleeding after being retracted back through the wound.  A small amount of retroperitoneal hemorrhage was noted but this did not worsen through the procedure.  There were two foci of sub-serosal hemorrhage on the small intestines but no lacerations to any internal organs were noted.  There was a moderate amount of debris in the mesentery and omentum.  The abdominal cavity was flushed with copious amounts of sterile saline and the wound was closed with 3-0 ethilon for the external sheath and 3-0 PDS for the skin.

IMG_4941 (2)Outcome The patient has been discharged and is doing well at home.