Cardiology: For helping pets live better and longer lives

Pets get heart disease, too. In fact, one out of every 10 dogs and cats is affected by heart disease. They are more susceptible as they age. It is estimated that 30% of all geriatric dogs have some type of heart disease.

There are two types of heart disease: congenital and acquired. Pets that are born with heart problems have congenital heart disease. Pets that develop heart problems as they get older have acquired heart disease. Some of the most common symptoms associated with heart disease include coughing, difficulty breathing, tiring easily after exercise, weakness or even collapse. Sometimes your pet shows no symptoms of heart disease but your veterinarian detects signs during physical examination. Some of these signs are irregular heart rhythm or irregular heart sounds.

If your veterinarian suspects a heart problem, he or she will refer you to Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists (ACVS) for further diagnostic tests and treatment. Dr. George Kramer, chief of staff at ACVS, is a board certified cardiologist and specializes in diseases affecting your pet’s heart. The cardiology team at ACVS has extensive experience treating congenital heart disease, acquired heart disease and pericardial disease.

Cardiac disease is diagnosed and evaluated using echocardiography, electrocardiography, Holter monitoring, blood pressure measurement, chest radiographs, cardiac catheterization and angiography. Most pets diagnosed with heart disease can lead long and happy lives when treated properly. Some pets can have their symptoms treated with simple medications, while other pets without symptoms may not need any medication. We also offer specialized cardiac surgery for certain conditions that do not respond well to medication. This includes transvenous pacemaker implantation, patent ductus arteriosus coil occlusion and balloon valvuloplasty.

ACVS offers the latest cardiology services & procedures, including:

  • Pacemaker implantation
  • Diagnosis & management of valvular disease
  • Valvuloplasty
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Evaluation of murmurs
  • Breed screens for congenital heart disease
  • Breed screens for acquired heart disease
  • Hypertension evaluation & treatment
  • Cough/dyspnea evaluation
  • Cardiac & respiratory exams
  • Geriatric exams
  • Pre-anesthetic evaluation
  • Diagnosis & treatment of heartworm disease
  • Diagnosis & treatment of heartworm disease

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The cardiology department at Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists works closely with you and your family veterinarian. When your veterinarian refers you to our hospital, you can be sure that your pet receives the best care possible.