Frequently Asked Surgical Quesitons: What to Expect

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if you have any additional questions which have not been addressed below, please give us a call at 631-285-7780.

  • Q.  Can my pet eat before surgery?
    A.  Most patients should not be fed after midnight the night before surgery.  Water is usually permitted until admission.  Check with your doctor.
  • Q.  My pet takes daily medications, can I still administer them before surgery?
    A.  Bring in any medications your pet is taking or has been prescribed.  Check with your doctor to determine whether these should be given prior to surgery and on the day of admission.
  • Q.  Are there any restrictions for my pet after surgery?
    A.  You will be given comprehensive discharge instructions when your pet is discharged so that you are aware of any restrictions as well as when to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Q. What time should I drop my pet off for surgery?
    A.  Your pet should be dropped off between before 9am the morning of the surgery.
  • Q.  How will I know how my pet is doing?
    A.  The doctor performing the surgery will call you upon completion to update you about how your pet is doing post surgery.
  • Q.  When can I visit my pet?
    A.  Visiting hours are between 7pm-9pm, usually for 15-30 minutes. Please call us if you feel that other arrangements need to be made so that we may accommodate them.
  • Q.  How will my pet be cared for while being hospitalized?
    A.  At Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists a team of doctors, technicians, and assistants will provide 24 hour observation, comprehensive medical care, compassion and love for your pet.
  • Q.  Will I be notified about any changes in my pets condition?
    A.  You will receive daily updates from our doctors and technicians to update you on the status of your pet.  You can also call us at anytime, day or night to receive additional updates.
  • Q.  Will I be updated about the charges related to my pets medical care?
    A.  In addition to daily updates about your pets medical condition, you will also receive a financial update from one of our technicians or client care specialists.